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4 Approaches To Get Your Daily CBD

CBD is the perfect alternative to pharmaceuticals and can be taken in a myriad of ways throughout your day!


As the hemp industry expands, more and more CBD options are made available to consumers — our choices are broad and they veer from the typical CBD tincture. This allows not only for innovation, but for healing and wellness in a variety of methods. 


Sometimes we need more than just a tincture, and at Elyxir we understand this! We offer an array of CBD products to support you in your health and wellness! Join us in today’s post as we walk through different ways to incorporate CBD into your day!

What CBD Product is Right For You?


Not every one person is dealing with the same type of health conditions or experiencing the same type of symptoms, which is why CBD is so beneficial. 


One of the most critical things to remember when embarking on the CBD journey is that what works for someone else may or may not work for you. So while it’s great to get feedback from your friend, neighbor, or partner, you might not experience the same thing. 


Experimenting with CBD products is the best way to find out which approach works best for you. Maybe you just want to take it for daily wellness, so a CBD sparkling water is up your alley, or perhaps you have chronic joint pain, so more support is needed — whatever you’re dealing with, let’s walk through how you could use CBD on a daily basis.




Begin your day with a mug full of steaming CBD-infused coffee or a hot cup of tea with CBD honey — both will help get your day off to a great start. While both offer small doses — typically around 10 milligrams per cup or teaspoon of honey — it’s the perfect addition to your morning ritual and a great way to bring or remain in homeostasis. 


At Work


Our jobs are stressful, and whether you’re putting out fires with other employees or trying to work your inbox to zero, there is no doubt about it — work is a stressful environment. Give yourself an herbal ally with CBD. Take a dropperful of a tincture or CBD capsules to help calm your nerves and reduce your anxiety. 


The best part of either method is discreet — so, if you have a nosey neighbor or people who give you the side for all the herbs you already take, you can take them at your desk or in the bathroom with ease. 

At The Gym


Whether you take a nice long run on your lunch break or you hit the gym after work, movement is essential for those of us cooped up in an office sitting at a computer all day. It’s great to get our blood pumping and stay active, but after a good sweat sesh, we can feel depleted. 


This is a great time to use a CBD topical such as an ointment, lotion, or massage oil to really work it into your muscles to promote muscle recovery and improve soreness. 


So, if your knees are sore after a run or your hammies feel tight after a deadlift PR, take this moment and slather your muscles, joints, and ligaments in CBD!




If you have a difficult time winding down in the evening — we know, it’s hard! After a busy day of go-go-go, sometimes slowing down is the last thing your body and your mind want to do! Help prepare your body for sleep with a dropperful of a CBD tincture. Take it at least 15 minutes before you want to sleep to support your body’s natural rhythm and hop in bed with a good book to help lull you into slumber! Not only does CBD help you prepare you for sleep but it helps you stay asleep.  


There are many ways you can supplement with CBD throughout your day — anything from CBD coffee and a tincture to a muscle rub after the gym. CBD is not a one-size fits all plant medicine — it can be used in a myriad of ways in all different delivery methods. 


We offer a variety of CBD tinctures, topicals, and vaping options to help you use CBD in a way that fits your life! Shop our CBD products today!