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Can CBD Replace Counting Sheep? (Part Three)

Support your sleep and find out how CBD can help!

In the conclusion of our three-part series on sleep and CBD, we’ve covered just how important sleep is to us physically, mentally, and emotionally and in today’s post we’ll provide tips on how you can get the best sleep tonight!

Incorporating CBD Products For Sleep

If you can recall from our last blog, the first thing to do better incorporate CBD is to find a CBD product you can trust — this is knowing that what they claim is in the product is actually there and looking for a product with high-quality ingredients that are organic and non-GMO, in addition to personal preferences you may have such as the flavor of the CBD or the strength.

Let’s take a look at a couple more ways to elevate your sleep!

Understand your sleep issues.

When you know your body, it makes a world of difference when you’re implementing something new to help address your sleep disruptions. Begin with asking yourself, do you have trouble falling alseep, staying asleep, or both? Take note on when you wake up or any other patterns that may be affecting your sleep. Once you’ve narrowed down what you’re dealing with, you can find a better CBD method to address your sleep issues.

Trouble falling asleep – If you have a hard time falling asleep, vaping CBD may be a great option. With its fast-acting delivery, the optimal dose will help you fall asleep.

Trouble staying asleep – If you need more of a timed-released CBD product or one that takes longer to act, a CBD capsule or CBD tincture would be a great method. Typically you can take it right before bed, give it 20 minutes to an hour to set in while you’re drifting asleep, and have it last four to five hours into your slumber.

Make a bedtime ritual with CBD.

There is nothing better you can do for your body and mind than to help it prepare for sleep, and making a ritual out of it is even better! Incorporate the best of the best sleepytime tools. Get your ideas churning with incorporating things such as:

Diffuse essential oils – Essential oils are wonderful for helping bring you into a tranquil state. Try using lavender or frankincense.

Turn off and put away all screens – Our electronics all emit harmful blue light that disrupts our sleep/wake patterns, so putting them away at least an hour before bed, will do wonders for your sleep.

Take a bath – There is nothing like unwinding with an Epsom salt bath or magnesium soak. Even better, try a CBD bath bomb!

Meditate and journal – For those who struggle with falling asleep because of anxiety, practicing a meditation or writing can be quite helpful. Writing out your thoughts and worries names them and can help you move past them, if only for the night — so why not give it a try?!

Use CBD – This one is obviously a given! Perhaps you’re sore from an intense workout. Use a CBD ointment and CBD tincture to quell your sore muscles and guide you to slumber. Or, if you’ve just had a really tough day and your mind is racing, nip your racing thoughts in the bud and vape some CBD!

Sleep is something our bodies deeply need, yet as a society, it isn’t happening for a lot of us! We’re up against the hustle culture and dealing with masses amounts of anxiety that make it difficult to hit our pillows at night.

If you’re wondering what a good night’s sleep is like, try CBD!

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