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How Does CBD Affect Men And Women Differently?

CBD is used by both sexes equally, but does our biology determine how?


Male and female — and everything in-between — there is a difference in our biologies and how our bodies express hormones. Because hormones are govern many crucial functions, the question as to if CBD reacts differently in men and women is raised.


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Does CBD Affect The Sexes Differently?


CBD is considered an adaptogen because it works to provide us benefits on an individual level, so what works for one person may not work for another. Just like any pharmaceutical you would get from your doctor, it’s tailored specifically to you based on critical factors such as weight, height, metabolism, etc.  


The same is true for CBD, however, it does this innately. It works to help restore balance (homeostasis) to your body by partnering with your endocannabinoid system (ECS)   and mingling with CB1 and CB2 receptors to support your health. 


We know that it works on an individual level, so is it even relevant to wonder how and if it works differently in the sexes? Does this matter? We’re going to dig into this a little deeper below!


Men And CBD


It has been documented that when men and women are given the same CBD dosage for the same level of pain, men do not get the same amount of elevated relief that women do. In this case, the issue is that men will need to increase their CBD intake to experience more relief. 


Men will also typically experience a testosterone increase when they begin using a CBD product in the short term, but if they continue to use it consistently in the long term, their testosterone levels will likely drop. What this implicates is a possible decrese in their sex drive (libido). 


Women And CBD


Estrogen is one of the dominating hormones in women and with increased estrogen levels, CBD has a greater effect on women because estrogen is known to break down CBD and absorb them at a faster rate than men typically experience. 


Women are more sensitive to cannabinoids, especially when estrogen levels are at an all time high, one to two days before ovulation. This is important to note because it can be extremely beneficial to use CBD products when estrogen levels are peaking to better combat cramping and PMS and other symptoms that prefaces menstruation.  


Estrogen is the queen hormone and plays a role in many functions including a women’s overall mood and sex drive. It’s vital for women to experiment with their CBD products and dosages because lower doses have been shown to improve their libido, while higher doses can decrease it.   


CBD And Research


It’s important to note that even as CBD research is in its infancy, women have been left out of medical research, trials, and studies, leaving many women’s issues ignored or treated from the research conducted on men. So, really, on many pharmaceuticals, we have no baseline for the effects it has on women, until they’re approved and available on the market. And then when women experience negative side effects.


While more research needs to be conducted on the role CBD plays on both sexes, it’s gentle and effective enough to really dive in and experiment with what works best for you. All the CBD resources here can be used as a guide, but in the end, you know your body best. 


The biggest takeaway from how CBD affects men and women is that women are more sensitive to it, so men will typically have to take more to find the same amount of relief. We also know that high dosages of CBD decreases both men and women’s sex drives. 


CBD has a beautiful therapeutic effect that addresses health concerns for whomever is taking it and strives to create harmony in our bodies. 

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