How Long Will It Take for CBD to Work?

How Long Will It Take for CBD to Work?


The excitement of trying CBD for the first time occurs with a considerable amount of anticipation — will this help me and when will it work? Not to sound convoluted or wishy-washy but CBD works differently for each individual, so there is no standard answer that fits everyone.

For CBD to begin its healing journey, it has to be absorbed through your bloodstream so it can interact with your ECS and other receptor sites. 

So, how quick is the absorption, may be your next question. This too depends on the individual. CBD is fat-soluble so taking it with a fat is always advantageous (most CBD tinctures are in an oil for better absorption). Other factors that will affect the way it is absorbed in your body composition, weight, and metabolic rate.

Body Weight

Body weight can also factor into how you process CBD — naturally, a larger person will require more of a product and it also tends to take longer to experience the effects. 

Body Composition

Because you’re unique in what you eat, drink, and take (medications and herbs), this affects your body and how it can process CBD. Different factors may slow or alter how CBD functions in your body. Think about it, if you’re overly stressed (CBD is great for this) it affects the homeostasis of your body — everything such as your enzymes and such could be thrown off, or if you are managing a specific health condition, this also affects how CBD interacts with you

Metabolic Rate

Your metabolic rate is specific to you as well. It is your metabolism and how your body goes about different functions and processing compounds. 

The beginning may be a little trial and error.  

The delivery method will also greatly affect how quickly it’s absorbed.



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