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How To Use CBD: Exploring Its Methods Of Delivery (Part Two)

Elevate the effectiveness of CBD by finding a delivery method that suits you!


In part one, we addressed homeostasis and the role that CBD plays. As a refresher, CBD works to establish homeostasis and bring your body back into balance.


The first CBD method of delivery we looked at was vaping, and today we’ll continue our exploration of how to use CBD with CBD tinctures and CBD topicals.


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Additional Methods In Using CBD Products


If you’re new to taking CBD there are so many things you may have questions about, and that is exactly why we’re here! We want to help educate you and become a trusted CBD resource that you can refer to for all of your CBD questions.


What you may not be familiar with are the delivery methods of CBD, this is just how you consume it and there are more ways than you may think! We covered vaping in our last post that you don’t want to miss.


When you better understand how you can take CBD, you can choose a method that is best for your health concerns.


CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are some of the most common delivery methods that most are aware of. CBD tinctures are easy to adjust your dosing and are readily absorbed.


The most effective way to take a CBD tincture is under the tongue.


Why take a CBD tincture under the tongue?


Under the tongue is highly vascular and the tincture is easily absorbed into the bloodstream this way. It is recommended to let the CBD tincture sit for 30 seconds for maximum absorption.


The absorption rate is relatively quick and takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to take effect.  


CBD tinctures are an easy method that are user-friendly. They can be used as an everyday supplement for health maintenance or for both acute or chronic issues.


For example, a woman found relief from her facial nerve pain by taking a CBD tincture when the discomfort flared up. She even began taking it preemptively once she began to understand her symptoms and could better manage it this way.  


Topical CBD

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble, and chemically speaking, are waxy and sticky compounds. An oil, salve, or ointment are perfect topical delivery methods because the CBD is within a fat or an oil and can be quickly distributed to our CB2 receptors that function within our endocannabinoid system.


CBD Capsules


CBD capsules are an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to vape or take a tincture. Capsules are great for travel and minimize the mess a tincture or vape cartridge might cause.


CBD capsules take the longest to absorb, about one to two hours. People like capsules for more chronic health conditions, functioning as a daily plant medicine to better manage their symptoms.


Capsules are digested and sent to the liver where the CBD compounds are spread uniformly throughout the body.


If you’re constantly on-the-go, CBD capsules are a great option and can be easily packed.


A woman with severe inflammation in her joints finds relief from CBD capsule and incorporates them into her morning routine, taking them first thing before the inflammation peaks.


CBD Quick Facts

CBD aims to bring your body back to homeostasis by working with its vital systems — including the endocannabinoid system — to usher balance and combat the particular health issues that a person is facing.


Because everyone is different, there may be a CBD delivery method that one benefits more from than another. For example, vaping CBD is optimal for both acute and chronic pain, while a topical CBD product is perfect to slather on and find relief after a long run.


CBD plant medicine is truly tailored to the individual so in this process of using it, it is critical that you begin to understand and check in with how you feel — it’s all about experimentation! Once you know how your body responds, you can better alter your CBD experience.


Are you ready to embark on a journey of healing and optimal health? Shop our CBD products today!