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Struggle With Anxiety? CBD May Help (Part Two)

CBD works for us and in us with our endocannabinoid system — learn how it plays a role in anxiety. 


In part one, we began our exploration into anxiety — how we all deal with it and the role that CBD may have in acute anxiety. In today’s post, we’ll continue the conversation as we address chronic anxiety and the future of CBD when it comes to the birth of new neurons and how it may impact our health and wellness. 


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CBD And Anxiety


There are multitudes of ways to take CBD, most notably for both acute and chronic symptoms. Some people will take it for daily immune maintenance, while others will take it when they get a migraine. 


CBD, too, can be used to support stress and anxiety as we navigate our stressful world!


CBD For Chronic Anxiety 


When we experience stress and anxiety for a prolonged time, it becomes chronic. And not only do we experience the symptoms acutely, but it also begins to manifest in our overall wellness, greatly impact our immune health. 


CBD can be used on a daily basis to guide your body towards homeostasis and in regular maintenance, such as you would take a daily multivitamin. 


CBD and Neurons


Many people who suffer from anxiety have been shown to have a smaller hippocampus. The hippocampus plays a role in the limbic system which governs our cognitive and emotional functions. 


To support stress and anxiety, growing new neurons may be the key and CBD may one avenue to achieve this!  


Studies have begun to uncover that when pharmaceuticals and CBD are used together, it may spur new neuron growth.    




Just ask around, and the praise for CBD supporting anxiety is apparent — people are seeing the benefits and are willing to have a conversation! Aside from the first-hand experience, there are many studies with just as promising results. 


Patients with generalized social anxiety disorder were administered CBD to help decrease their anxiety. The result? After receiving the CBD, the participants reported a decrease in anxiety. 


So, what gives, right?! 


To follow up with their self-reported claims, brain scans were performed and the cerebral blood flow indicators were consistent with an anti-anxiety pattern. 


In another CBD study in which it was given to participants with a social anxiety disorder and then a public speaking test was replicated, participants reported feeling less anxious. These feelings were supported by a lower heart rate and blood pressure levels.  


The Future of CBD For Anxiety


As CBD is being studied more and more and solidifying its place with a myriad of therapeutic uses, CBD’s efficacy for anxiety is clear. And given that a majority of Americans suffer from stress and anxiety, this places a huge financial burden of not only receiving monthly pharmaceuticals but also in their side effects. 


CBD has the possibility to play a vital role in how we support our emotional wellness in the future. 


Stress and anxiety can often take the wheel as we navigate a demanding environment of massive emails that need answering, the relationships we hold, and trying life events such as birth, divorce, or losing a job.


It can be heavy and it can sure be a lot, so why not support your emotional wellness with CBD? 


CBD is the perfect addition to a stressful world and only compliments other practices such as yoga, meditation, working out, and eating healthy.   


For more information on a CBD product that can promote emotional wellness, use us as a resource and get started with CBD today!