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The Lure of CBD In Food and Beverages

CBD has moved from the granola-munching hippy to the mid-town boutique delight, so where do you fit in?


At one point in the cannabis and hemp industry, you could not simply search “CBD online” and come up with a plethora of results, no, in the early days, you had to work for it! From combing Youtube for video tutorials on how to make your own CBD without starting your home on fire to stepping foot into the crunchiest health food store, likely the only one, and finding the heavily tie-die clad and dreaded white guy to give you the scoop on where to find the best CBD tincture.


Well, my friends, CBD has come a long way!


We’re moving away from the stigma of cannabis and entering a new age where CBD can be found in and on just about anything — from CBD honey to a light drizzle of CBD-infused olive oil over your grain-free pasta! At Elyxir, we’re here for it and we’re also here to support your health! Learn all about how CBD is hitting the food and beverage market in today’s post!


Consuming CBD-Infused Products


While there is nothing at all wrong with drinking or eating CBD, there is an important caveat you may want to consider. You get a much different effect when you eat or drink CBD as a delivery method, then you would with taking it under your tongue or through vaping.


This method prolongs the effects of CBD because it has to be digested as opposed to being directly delivered to your bloodstream or through your lungs, so it will take longer and it’s often in much smaller quantities than you would see in a traditional tincture.  


CBD is fat-soluble, so it can be increasingly difficult to absorb when it’s not consumed with a fat, which is typically why you see it in butters and oils. If you’re consuming CBD-infused product where a fat is absent, increase its bioavailability by snacking on something that has fat — guacamole, nut butters, and even a burger will help!


Incorporating CBD Into Your Routine


CBD food and beverages are a fun, new way to get the benefits of CBD, but if you’re looking for more of a therapeutic effect, sticking to a tincture or vaping may be a more suitable method of delivery.


How you can incorporate CBD into your routine:


  • Take a tincture
  • Brew a pot or french press of CBD coffee
  • Pack work snacks with CBD-infused products

CBD is a great solution that impacts your health and wellness! Whether you struggle with chronic inflammation or sleep issues, a CBD tincture is a natural solution to many health concerns.


For a therapeutic CBD product that goes beyond CBD-infused products, shop our CBD tinctures and topicals today!