What Is a Full Spectrum CBD?

What Is a Full Spectrum CBD?


A full spectrum CBD products keep all the beautiful and supportive compounds together including other cannabinoids and terpenes. This is a comprehensive CBD derivative that people embrace for its “entourage effect.” 

Many embrace a full spectrum CBD product because it offers backup! What do we mean by this? Instead of a CBD isolate that only contains CBD, a full spectrum CBD conserves the terpenes, essential oils, and other beneficial compounds that a CBD isolate does not have. 

And, when it comes to a complex health issue such as chronic headaches, there are often multiple paths to address the issue. So while the CBD compounds are working in specific receptors, the other compounds may be working on neurotransmitters or another inflammation pathway. 

A full spectrum CBD product also preserves the compounds that are removed in a CBD isolate that may play a role in how the CBD benefits us. Oftentimes, a CBD isolate is thought to have a bell curve is its dose response — activating and targeting different things in different doses. For example, taking a moderate amount of CBD may support the effects of anxiety, while taking too much may trigger its effects even more. 

When everything is preserved in a CBD product it keeps the compounds and molecules that can better balance the effects seen in a CBD isolate and prevent them from causing the adverse symptoms when taking a high dose.



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