Will I Pass a Drug Test?

Will I Pass a Drug Test?

Because cannabis has not been legalized in all 50 states for recreational use — we’re getting closer as cannabis is legal in 10 states — it is a valid concern whether or not you will be able to pass a drug test. From being a truck driver to working as a government employee, many job positions still require drug testing. 

Hemp-derived CBD can legally only contain 0.3% of THC and this is a very, very minimal amount that won’t show up on a drug test. With that said, we do make the claim or promise that you will pass a drug test.   

At Elyxir, we do carry CBD tinctures derived from an isolate meaning it’s THC-free, so this product is a great solution for people who live in a state where cannabis hasn’t been legalized and want to reap the benefits of CBD. 

You can find our CBD isolate tincture here.

What does this all mean? The takeaway is this: a CBD isolate may be your best workaround if you have to take routine drug tests since it is THC-free. It’s also vital to remember to vet the company you get your CBD products from to ensure you are getting exactly what is listed on the label. Look for high-quality CBD products that are organic and non-GMO and contain no artificial preservatives or chemicals.



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